The Challenge

My challenge is to cycle to every C of E cathedral in England in 2015.

There are 42 cathedrals on my list stretching from Newcastle and Carlisle in the north to Canterbury and Truro in the south. I live in Oakham, Rutland and hope to do this in a number of trips taking in any number of cathedrals in each trip.

I will cycle all return journeys too, no cars or public transport allowed! Total distance depends on final routes but I will need to cover roughly 2500 miles in all to complete the challenge. Here is a rough map of my routes to give an idea of what’s in store….


The Routes

Sat 7th of March – Southwell, Derby and Leicester

I will depart from Rutland County Council Car Park at 7.30am on Sat 7th of March on the 120 mile route listed below visiting…

  • Southwell Minster
  • Derby Cathedral
  • Leicester Cathedral

People are welcome to join me, even if it’s just for part of the ride. If you do, please join the Just Giving Team and try to get some of your friends to sponsor your effort. It all goes in the same pot.

Total distance is 120 miles which should take about 8 hours at 15 mph average. Will stop for about 45-60 mins at each cathedral so hope to be back in Oakham by about 6.00pm. There will be obligatory ales in the evening in Oakham.

Southwell Derby Leicester Route
Southwell, Derby, Leicester Route

Sat 17th of January 2015 – Lincoln Cathedral

Route completed in 102 miles and 6.5 hours. See post for details. 

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