Made it to Truro – SW Day 4

Well I made it to Truro. It’s the farthest cathedral on my list from my home in Oakham and it feels like it!

I left from Tavistock just after 10am. It was raining quite heavily and pretty grim. By the time I descended down to the River Tamar I was soaked but it was beautiful there…



The route was still very hilly early on with 20% climbs. The miles were clocking up very slowly and I was only averaging about 11-12mph! 
After 10 miles and a long climb out of Frogwell (I think) I was already starving, so rolled up to a strategically placed pasty kiosk and had a sausage roll and a coffee…


Soon I hit Liskeard which was nice enough but I didn’t hang about…

Damn I was hungry today!!! 

So after some quality red/yellow food I headed past St Austell and via a rare section of FLAT road onto Truro…
Truro Cathedral is only just over 100 years old but a stunning building to rival some of the older buildings. It’s set right in the centre of of town and was full of folk sat around chilling. 

After taking a few photos, I popped inside where I received a warm welcome and then I went outside for an obligatory pasty!

I hadn’t set a final destination for today and as the weather was so nice, really wanted to push on for another 30-40 miles. But after a 40 minute phone conversation with my wife Belinda on the computer, we worked out that Cornwall was full!

So, I looked local and found a room in Newquay. Worked out a nice cross country route and headed over…


Newquay is definitely a cool place with a hippy vibe and plenty of dreadlocks and beardy dudes but outwardly it does have a bit of a tacky feel…

I struggled to find a nice homely pub to curl up in with a pint of local ale. Most of the bars had neon signs with ‘Costa del Sol-type’ terraces…  but I finally settled on a music venue called ‘Whiskers’ that had an open mic night. I felt at home here and had a nice chat to a chap called Danny whilst drinking a couple of bottles (!) of Tribute. 

It’s 1.43am as I’m writing this and I’ve just seen the weather forescast which is saying sunny for Tues/Weds – awesome! – but very stormy for Bristol/Hereford area on Thursday.  Not good!

I need to crack on tomorrow! Thanks for reading! 


Off to South West!

Right then folks, I’m off shortly to complete the South West route of my Cathedral Cycle Tour which will take me all the way to Truro and back.

Here is a rough map of my intended 720 mile route….


On this leg I will be visiting….

Oxford Cathedral (Christ Church)
Salisbury Cathedral
Exeter Cathedral
Truro Cathedral
Wells Cathedral
Bristol Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Hereford Cathedral
Birmingham Cathedral
Coventry Cathedral

I hope to average about 100 miles per day, but it may be less than that when I get into the Devon and Cornwall due to the amount of hills! So, I’m hoping that the trip will take 8-9 days in total.

I will be experimenting with a tracking app on this trip, so that people can get an idea of where I am in real time. Here is the link….

I will do my best to update with pictures as I travel round! If anyone wants to join me for a few miles on my way round then you would be more than welcome.