Into Yorkshire – N Route Day 5

I was determined to get off to a better start today!

So, I got up at 7.00am and set off from Darlington just after 8.00am on a bright but very crisp morning. It was really cold!

Didn’t take long for it to heat up though as I headed on a cross country route towards Ripon. 




Ripon Cathedral is sat on top of the hill and it looked amazing as I approached the city. There’s a lovely cobbled area around and a pedestrianised street opposite with cafes and antique shops. I wished I had more to time to look around. Nice place. 

I had a quick coffee and left around 11.00am for York. Again, I took back roads most of the way and it was a lovely route. Boroughbridge was very picturesque. I also stopped to take some photos at a privately-owned toll bridge. 

Soon enough I rolled into York. I always forget how beautiful it is and the Minster is breathtaking. I’d had trouble contacting York Minster but Rethink kindly rang them for me and I was escorted in. šŸ™‚

I had a spot of lunch opposite the cathedral at a place called Bennet’s. Tourist prices but it was really nice and the perfect spot! I then headed out over the river and on towards Bradford. 


After fighting my way through the traffic on the ring road I descended into Bradford and to the cathedral. The staff were so welcoming and brought me the most enormous mug of Yorkshire Tea and biscuits! 

I met some of the clergy and a friendly chap called Lindsay (sp?) kindly showed me around. He pointed out the stained glass windows; the West window has a design featuring women from the Bible and there were others with amazing detail by William Morris. 
I then headed back towards Pudsey where I’m staying with my old mate from Oakham, Angus Smith and his family. 

Wakefield and Sheffield tomorrow which will just leave Peterborough on Saturday. Nearly there now!

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