Four Cathedrals – SW Day 6

I’m starting the blog late again (!) so I’m going to try and keep it short so I can go to bed earlier!

I felt knackered today and for the first time wasn’t looking forward to getting back on the bike. The ride to Wells was only 7 miles but it felt hard. It’s a beautiful town and cathedral. If you haven’t been, go!


I then took the A37 to Bristol – only 24 miles but was much hillier than I expected with a massively long climb out of Wells. I reached Bristol Cathedral at 1.20pm having only done about 30 miles in total. I wanted to get to Hereford (93 miles) and with so little in the bag by this time thought that I wasn’t going to make it. I was finding it really tough…

Bristol were very welcoming and to boot my cousin’s wife Chrissie Graham (whom I’d never met before) came to surprise me with her lovely daughter Hannah (what relation is Hannah to be then? Let me know!)…

Canon Precentor Nicola Stanley had kindly come out to meet me and then escorted me to a lovely tucked away place for lunch called the Folk House Cafe. I ordered plenty and chilled before heading off on the 40 miles via the A38 to Gloucester…

It was fairly flat but there was a NW headwind which made it hard work. I felt a bit sick halfway and had to stop to settle down. I didn’t feel strong at all. But I made it and Gloucester Cathedral is amazing. The original building including the main circular pillars date from 1039, and the cloisters were awesome…

After a quick trip to Maccy D’s for a refuel, I headed off at 6.10pm on the last 30 miles of  ride to Hereford. 

Fortunately the route was relatively flat (relative to Devon!) and I was able to push on and get there by 8.00pm. Lovely views of the Breacon Beacons in the distance as I rode in…

The cathedral looked majestic bathed in the setting sunlight and soon enough an old school friend Rachel Minto turned up who had offered to let me stay with her family in the town. We went for a quick beer at The Barrels and sampled beers from local the local Wye Valley Brewery. Mmmm….


Nearly there now. Only 130 miles and 3 cathedrals to go – on this leg…!

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